BMW Group Indonesia, as the holder of the BMW and MINI brands in Indonesia, was recorded as having succeeded in selling 5,063 units throughout 2023. This figure is the highest record throughout their 22 years of work in Indonesia.

The sales record came from 4,172 BMW vehicles sold and 891 MINI units. BMW Group Indonesia noted that there was an increase of 35.3% in sales in 2022.

Ramesh Divyanathan as President Director of BMW Group Indonesia said that their achievements in 2023 will not only be an internal record but also a record for premium car sales in Indonesia.

“Thanks to close collaboration with strategic partners, driven by the strong performance of employees and dealers, the BMW Group was able to achieve its highest sales of all time in 2023. Total sales of 5,063 units is a fantastic and historic figure for the BMW Group Indonesia and the Indonesian automotive industry, ” said Ramesh in his official statement on Wednesday (17/1/23).

“For the first time, a premium vehicle manufacturer in Indonesia has exceeded sales of 5,000 units. This success shows that the BMW and MINI brands, both vehicles and the BMW Group’s range of premium services, have succeeded in meeting the growing needs of customers. Apart from that, we have alternative choices of driving engines and the latest technology. “is well appreciated by customers. This achievement will be a new enthusiasm for us in 2024,” he continued.

The BMW Group also recorded positive results in terms of vehicle electrification. Where, they dominate the premium electric vehicle market with 60.5% of the total market currently.

The model lines that are recorded as being sought after by Indonesian people come from the luxury segment, namely the BMW 7 Series and BMW X7. Meanwhile, in the battery electric vehicle (BEV) line, the car that is being targeted throughout 2023 is the BMW iX.

Meanwhile, for MINI, the most popular model among Indonesians in 2023 will be the MINI 3-Door, including the MINI Electric. Apart from that, there is the MINI Countryman model.

From the high-performance sports car segment, BMW M, 400 vehicles were recorded as successfully sold throughout 2023. Where, the model most sought after by car fans from Germany is the BMW M4 with total sales of 193 units.

Top Sales BMW Indonesia In 2023

BMW Group Indonesia succeeded in closing 2023 brilliantly. Nevertheless, this premium car group is ready to look at 2024 strategically and innovatively.

“This year is a year full of challenges and interesting for us. With a series of innovative models such as the BMW i5 and a mature strategic plan for all-electric luxury vehicles, we are confident that BMW Group Indonesia will maintain its number one position in the premium segment. Indonesia has a domestic consumption base “The large and upper middle class continues to grow significantly and will continue to grow. Increasing awareness of electric vehicles in Indonesia is expected to continue to grow and expand the customer market in Indonesia,” concluded Ramesh.